Basic Theory Test (BTT)

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Practice BTT
Passing the Basic Theory Test (BTT) is a compulsory requirement for obtaining the Singapore Driving Licence. Persons who wish to convert their foreign driving licence to a Singapore Driving Licence must also pass the BTT.
You can take this test at all driving centres. This test is required for all classes of driving license which includes class 2, class 3, class 4 and class 5. The test is a computerized test which you can take at all driving centers. There are 50 questions in total which will consist on basic traffic rules and also traffic signs and miscellaneous rules. You will need to score at least 90% which means getting 45 correct. It can be very easy to fail and some questions are also misleading so do take note when preparing for the test.
Motorists who want to convert their foreign car and motorcycle driving licences to Singapore Driving Licence must pass the Basic Theory Test conducted by the Traffic Police.
Singaporeans holding a foreign driving licence must produce documentary proof of six months continuous stay in the country where the foreign driving licence was issued.
It is a requirement for a foreign licence holder to pass the Basic Theory Test before applying for the conversion of driving licence at any of the driving test centre.
For conversion case, if you have been issued a new identification number (from FIN to NRIC) before or after you have booked a test date, you are required to update the changes with the Traffic Police Testing Section and the driving school before the test date. Otherwise you will be disqualified from taking your test.