Final Theory Test (FTT)

Car Driving

Practice FTT
Learner drivers must pass the Final Theory Test (FTT) after passing the Basic Theory Test (BTT) in order to obtain a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) which will allow them to drive on public roads with a qualified driving instructor as an "L" Plate learner driver.
The Final Theory Test is the last test that you have to take before you take your Traffic Police (TP) test. Contrary to many people's belief, you do not need to take your Final Theory Test before you can learn to drive with a private driving instructor.
The Final Theory Test is very similar to the Basic Theory Test and it involves 50 multiple choice questions. You will need to get at least a score of 45/50 which is also 90% in order to pass the test. In order to make learning easy for you. We have a final theory test question bank which can help you.